[announce] Spaceboy - Gemini server framework for Elixir

Sgaith Sgiath at pm.me
Thu Apr 22 15:18:19 BST 2021

Hello all Gemini fans!

I am thrilled to announce new Gemini server framework called "Spaceboy". [1]
Spaceboy is an Elixir [2] server framework heavily inspired by HTTP framework Phoenix [3].
It is framework/library, not an standalone server, so you are expected to use it in your
Elixir project, not as standalone binary for your static .gmi files.

[1] https://hex.pm/packages/spaceboy
[2] https://elixir-lang.org/
[3] https://www.phoenixframework.org/

**What is supported:**

1. full Gemini specs
2. automatic generation of self-signed certificate
3. EEx templates
4. routing similar to Phoenix
5. static files serving
6. custom middleware support (with some common middlewares provided)

I was working on this project for several weeks and I am happy that it got into state
where I feel confident to announce it to you guys. If you are experienced Elixir developer
I would appreciate feedback on my code and your experience with the library. If you 

don't have any experience with Elixir I encourage you to learn about it and try to 

create Spaceboy site. I would like to hear about your experience and the feedback where
I could improve documentation.

Useful links:

* Source code - https://git.sr.ht/~sgiath/spaceboy
* Issue tracker - https://todo.sr.ht/~sgiath/spaceboy
* Documentation - https://hexdocs.pm/spaceboy

That's all from me! Thanks for your attention and I am looking forward for your feedback.
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