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On Sun, Apr 25, 2021, at 11:31 PM, 'Stephane Bortzmeyer' wrote:
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> > Also, I'm new to this list and to Gemini (hi, everyone!), but I'm
> > old enough to remember when we called it "the net" and not "the
> > web". Gemini does a great job of bringing back the
> > impossible-to-describe feel of the early 1990s internet, right after
> > BBSs and right before Canter and Siegel did their thing and filled
> > up my NNTP drive.  :)
> I don't know if a researcher already did a survey of geminauts, and of
> their age. Are they old people nostalgic of the beginning or young
> people eager to revolutionize "Dad's Web"? I was also a Usenet admin
> at the time of C&S.

One can split the difference. I was on the Internet back when Gopher was a real contender and NNTP was something I used daily, but I never really produced much on the Internet back then.

_Peak_ nostalgia for me can be summed up with this bit of (anachronistic) CSS, tuned for a mid-to-late 90s aesthetic:

body {
  font-family: Exocet, serif;
  color: red;
  background: black url(/images/quake-logo.jpg);

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