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Well, I'm 26, almost 27 oh my gosh I'm getting old! But yeah I just love
the enharrent accessibility of Gemini, minus unlabeled blocks of course,
but the fact that it's actually *hard* for once for content to not be
accessible is so, so refreshing. Like, even with its minimalism, it gives
power to content to be the content, and not just semantics.
Devin Prater
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> > > Also, I'm new to this list and to Gemini (hi, everyone!), but I'm
> > > old enough to remember when we called it "the net" and not "the
> > > web". Gemini does a great job of bringing back the
> > > impossible-to-describe feel of the early 1990s internet, right after
> > > BBSs and right before Canter and Siegel did their thing and filled
> > > up my NNTP drive.  :)
> >
> > I don't know if a researcher already did a survey of geminauts, and of
> > their age. Are they old people nostalgic of the beginning or young
> > people eager to revolutionize "Dad's Web"? I was also a Usenet admin
> > at the time of C&S.
> One can split the difference. I was on the Internet back when Gopher was a
> real contender and NNTP was something I used daily, but I never really
> produced much on the Internet back then.
> _Peak_ nostalgia for me can be summed up with this bit of (anachronistic)
> CSS, tuned for a mid-to-late 90s aesthetic:
> body {
>   font-family: Exocet, serif;
>   color: red;
>   background: black url(/images/quake-logo.jpg);
> }
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