The geminauts (Was: Gempub 1.0.0 ; A new eBook format based on Gemini Protocol's Gemtext

Anna “CyberTailor” cyber at
Tue Apr 27 16:01:56 BST 2021

On 2021-04-27 15:46, Oliver Simmons wrote:
> I'm not entirely sure why I like Gemini so much, but one of the main
> things is the control being in our hands, and the personal-ness of the
> whole thing. Exploring Gemini space, it's all sites for a person and
> gemlogs, all made by people. And anyone can come along and join the
> community.

Couldn't agree more! Using Gemini I can retain a small piece of
autonomy in the world that sees me as a mere commodity (at best).

I'm 19 btw.

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