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> > I don't know if a researcher already did a survey of geminauts, and
> > of their age. Are they old people nostalgic of the beginning or
> > young people eager to revolutionize "Dad's Web"? I was also a
> > Usenet admin at the time of C&S.
> >  
> 16 year old here :)
> I've never experienced the older internet, but I always wish I
> could've, it sounds a lot nicer than the modern one.
> I'm not entirely sure why I like Gemini so much, but one of the main
> things is the control being in our hands, and the personal-ness of the
> whole thing. Exploring Gemini space, it's all sites for a person and
> gemlogs, all made by people. And anyone can come along and join the
> community.

15 year old replying, I'm in exactly the same situation. When I first
went on the Geminispace, it really hit me how different it was. Instead
of the white, bland, corporate web I was used to I saw people's
personal capsules, and exactly zero ones wanted to earn money from
being here.

It feels like social media, but not as cancerous and actually having a

> I've stayed up late a couple of times going through a gemini-ring
> ("orbit") or going down rabbit holes of people's personal sites and
> sites they link to. It's nice to read what people think.

I did too, a few times. Although I stay up late anyway, Geminispace was
a great place to spend that time.

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