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On Tuesday, April 27, 2021 11:19 AM, Chris Brannon <chris at> wrote:

> Gopher was a lot of fun to explore. I could lose myself for hours at a
> time in it. As for web search, I remember Altavista being useful in the

I guess we had different use cases - I was always looking for specific things.
Specific archives of stuff for my research.

> late 90s, maybe starting sometime between 1995 and 1997 or so. It was
> my favorite search engine for a number of years.

I used Hotbot for a while, and later Dogpile (which got me interested in search
as a thing in the first place).

> I'm 42. I went online starting in 1993 with local BBSes and two of the

43, here.  "Acquired" net.access in '94, BBS'd until 1997, ran a board of my own
(Tessier-Ashpool SA) until '99 (Infodümp kind of killed that), been a cyborg
since then.

Were you on any BBS networks, in particular?  I used to hang out on VampNET quite
a bit; made a lot of friends there that regrettably I've lost contact with.  Still
have all the QWK bundles, though.

> commercial online services of the time: CompuServ and GEnie. In

I had AOL access for a time in high school.  Not ashamed to admit it.  The
libraries and encyclopedias had MLA citation formats with them, so it was
easy (albeit weird to the baselines) to use them when writing papers.  They
had an AP newswire, too, which scared my parents a bit because I found out about
the flight 782 crash two hours before it hit the cable news in our area.  :)

> December 1993, I signed up for my first account that included Internet
> service. It was through a company called Delphi. I really loved

Excellent.  I was a customer for quite a few years.

> usenet, and it would be great to revitalize or recreate it in some way.

alt.cyberpunk and alt.gothic.* were a lot of fun.  I miss 'em.

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