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Matthew Graybosch contact at starbreaker.org
Tue Apr 27 22:11:52 BST 2021

On Tue, Apr 27, 2021, at 4:20 PM, Oliver Simmons wrote:
> (sorry if you received a blank message, the GMail mobile app continues
> to be weird, back on my laptop now)

I figured you had hit "send" prematurely, but I'm not surprised that mobile Gmail is still wonky. Google's motto ought to be "Even in the future nothing works."

> I only started using email frequently a few months ago, and it's
> similar in a way to Gemini for me.

Yeah, email can be pretty chill as long as spam and office life haven't ruined it for you. :)

> It's just people's thoughts put into text. And a generally pleasant
> space to be in.

I like the lack of immediacy; there's no option but to take your time and think.
> Agreed with all of this, Gemini is a place for people, and people that
> want to be here (but don't know it) will find their way.

I agree, but when I migrated to Geminispace again (this isn't my first time) I made sure that my website pointed to my capsule via portal.mozz.us. If people want to visit my site that badly they'll find a way.

> Gemini isn't just about it's privacy-by-default and it's simplicity,
> the community is the real thing that makes it good.

I like not having to worry about presentation. Once I've formatted the text, how it looks depends on the client, and is thus no longer my problem. :)

Matthew Graybosch
"The lies you tell yourself are the lies that define you."

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