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Wed Apr 28 06:51:59 BST 2021


Lured out of lurking.


> Gemini isn't just about it's privacy-by-default and it's simplicity,

> the community is the real thing that makes it good.


First line of Basic in 1980 on zx-80, various now ancient machines when 
RAM was GBP100 per Mb and a good deal at that price:-) BBS @ 1200 baud 
- paying for browsers - [way back machine snapshot from 2001 
Apr](https://web.archive.org/web/20010423023019/http://neilt.org/). And 
yes I **still** miss BeOS!

I very much like gemini - the way the web could have gone - lightweight 
markup source (like markdown, or similar) delivered to browsers that 
managed the formatting. Just think of all the bandwidth we'd all have 
if the web worked like that lol. I find that .gmi pages translate well 
to .md for mobile first on web - so I've sorta gone away from inline 
images. It's rightly more about the information and exchanging ideas 
rather than fancy formatting for me.

I would to have more markdown (*italics*, **bold**, ***and this***) but 
i also enjoy the discipline necessary to write .gmi with it's limited 
formatting. If .gmi stays as it is - still good.

Protected by Preservation Order.
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