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İ. Göktuğ Kayaalp self at
Thu Apr 29 12:36:43 BST 2021

On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 03:57:33PM -0400, Matthew Graybosch wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 27, 2021, at 3:37 PM, Oliver Simmons wrote:
> > The opposite isn't too good though, from the two videos that popped
> > up on my YouTube homepage they seemed to describe it as
> > a "replacement for the web" and as if the aim was to take tracking
> > for the web. Which Gemini is not.
> Despite being one of the "olds" I don't find most of the messaging
> around Gemini particularly compelling. Gopher doesn't cut it for me
> because it's ASCII-only, but I know better than to expect people who
> aren't techies to care about that. The web doesn't appeal because it's
> too big and too-thoroughly colonized by capital.
> I just want a chill space that's mostly text-oriented, but that's *my*
> reason for being here.
> > In Gemini's current state, if you're hoping to get the stereotypical
> > person of my age to join in, good luck. Not gonna happen.
> I can't speak for anybody else, but I harbor no such hope. It's better
> if individuals find their own way here for their reasons.

Second this, mostly.  Personally I favour being approachable and
charitable over outreach and active recruitment, especially for
something like Gemini.  If we have great documentation, if we do not
welcome toxicity, and if we keep things simple, people that share the
mindset will be drawn in.

Of course we should be explaining Gemini to people and strive to make
this space a diverse, lively, interesting one, but IMHO we shouldn't do
that with a mathematical/economical/religious `growth' mindset.  It's
annoying to people and it seldom leads to serene and cohesive

I like how I discovered and joined fediverse: became
a thing, and I made an account around 2017.  Two years later, after
having totally forgotten about it, I noticed many cool people were on
Mastodon, so I joined.  I haven't regretted the decision since.  I've
also went in after a decent amount of learning how the community works.
If I was instead compelled to joining when I had no interest in nor any
knowledge of the community, I'd inevitably enjoy it less and be a less
cooperative member thereof.

Same kinda happened with Gemini.  I heard of it pretty early on in its
development but it was uninteresting.  A new protocol? :/  But as I saw
cool people I know join in, I looked in deeper, and learned what I can,
and joined in as a self motivated member that knows most of the basics
and that is eager to participate constructively.

That's of course all my experience and my 2¢.


P.S: I never really introduced myself to the list, dunno if that's
something you do here.  In any case my capsule is at
gemini://; it's been about two months or something that it's
been up.  I have two gemlogs, one a generic blog, another a grad school
journal.  I may add a podcast in a few weeks--months.  Also, I've a repo
on github,, that will slowly
accrue some random scripts regarding Gemini (unsurprisingly ;P).

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