[users] Trying to introduce Gemini to more blind people

Devin Prater r.d.t.prater at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 14:40:21 BST 2021

Hi all. I wrote the following topic on the Audiogames forum, where a good
many blind people hang out.


I already have a "this is interesting" reply, so maybe this will result in
a few, or many, new Gemlogs at least, or even more participation here. If
any of you want to chip in, you can definitely make an account there. It's
not always the most... quiet place, but I wouldn't say it's the most loud
and full of drama either. Many blind people there are technical, as well,
and may make even more clients or servers or contribute in other ways, like
making cool applications in Geminispace like the news aggregators and such.
And, if my idea of what Gemini is needs correcting, I'll stand corrected as
Devin Prater
r.d.t.prater at gmail.com
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