[tech] [humor] Upgrade your browsing

Gary Johnson lambdatronic at disroot.org
Fri Apr 30 15:13:14 BST 2021

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> I think Gemini tech people will love the joke :-)

Matthew Graybosch <contact at starbreaker.org> writes:
> As somebody who makes webshit at their day job, this is just a little too plausible to be funny.

I definitely got a good laugh out of this one, but as someone who also
leads a team of web developers for my day job, I have to agree that this
is scarily believable.

I have at least gotten my dev team to use a collaborative
version-controlled Gemini capsule as our team wiki instead of pulling in
yet another bloated web app to share simple textual information with one

Happy hacking (in the slow lane),

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