[users] Introducing gemthought, a format for micro gemlogging

prx prx at si3t.ch
Wed May 19 08:21:27 BST 2021

Have you heard about twtxt? It looks l'île what you try to achieve : 

A twtxt file can ne served through http, gopher, FTP, and of course Gemini.

Le 19 mai 2021 03:00:16 GMT+02:00, Chris McGee <newton688 at gmail.com> a écrit :
>Hello All,
>I've been finding that the drive to write lengthy articles, rfcs and
>gemlogs has been keeping me from writing anything at all in my gemini
>capsule. Drawing inspiration from micro-blogging platforms that I use
>regularly I started writing gemthoughts, which are meant to be really
>short, simple and approachable so that I will hopefully do this more
>I've started publishing them here:
>A draft description of the format with some semantics can be found

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