Gemini Digest, Vol 22, Issue 25

PJ vM pjvm742 at
Sun May 23 17:11:33 BST 2021

On 23/05/2021 14:27, charliebrownau wrote:
> I recommend using Mumble (opensource gaming VOIP) +
> XMPP (opensource messaging)+ Jitsi (opensource video meeting)
> for online meetings
I expect most gemini enthusiasts already agree with you on this. There
is a strong connection with FOSS.

The rest of your email is about various unrelated beliefs of yours. I
would ask you to try staying on-topic.

Note that the above is not meant as a plea to "keep politics out of
Gemini" or something. Gemini has some political implications - to some
extent it works against the adtech industry and furthers free speech. It
is meant instead as a plea to keep this list about Gemini.

Also, why quote the whole digest?


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