[ANN] GemThread: an experimental conversation server

Jason McBrayer jmcbray at carcosa.net
Fri May 28 14:51:06 BST 2021

Raph M. writes:

> I was reading carcosa.net's "Re: Comments and pingbacks" article [1],
> and I ended up thinking about what sort of conversation pattern makes
> sense in Gemini-space.

Thanks for reading!

> Gemini is human-focused, which implies to me that building a complicated
> network of automated pingback/webmention/trackback-like things might
> also be a poor fit. "Overkill" is the word that comes to mind.

I haven't actually published my notes on this, much less written an
implementation (the last couple of months in my life have been *crazy*
and all of my side projects have suffered), but one of the nice things
about the design as it's coming together in my notes is that sending a
geminimention can be done from any Gemini client by following a link and
pasting a URL. That's not clear from what I've published so far, of
course. One *could* automate it as part of a publishing workflow, but
you don't have to in order to participate.

I wanted to write a proof-of-concept before publishing a draft spec.

> It is called "GemThread", and the current implementation is an SCGI
> service designed to run under Molly Brown. Anyone _can_ run an instance
> of it, but nobody _must_ run one.
> The interaction pattern should feel relatively straightforward.


Thanks for writing this. It looks pretty good; definitely easy to
understand, and doesn't require self-hosting to participate. I think the
goals of this and Geminimentions are pretty separate. My main goal with
Geminimentions is to help authors be notified of replies (which requires
the participation of the people replying, to be sure). This seems more a
means of gathering replies into a thread, which is probably more
generally useful, but also requires that all participants in the
conversation be monitoring the same instance for replies...

Perhaps I'll publish my unfinished notes as a response on this thread...

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