[Tech] QUIC transport protocol is now a standard

tidux at sdf.org tidux at sdf.org
Fri May 28 22:13:23 BST 2021

On Fri, May 28, 2021 at 10:16:55AM +0200, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> The QUIC transport protocol, which may replace TCP for a lot of
> usages, specially HTTP, is now a standard:
> https://www.rfc-editor.org/info/rfc9000
> QUIC is very much designed for the Web, with its special requirments,
> such as parallel downloading of several resources. Gemini, being
> simpler, may be less interested and may stay with TCP. Although the
> lower latency of QUIC, partly due to the merge with TLS, may be
> interesting since Gemini always uses TLS.

>From my previous understanding of QUIC, there's no good kernel/libc
support, so it imposes a much higher minimum client/server size on a
Gemini implemntation.  We can assume a TLS library will be present
everywhere, QUIC not so much.  Maybe once the web browser titans have
beaten down that door we can revisit.  Part of the joy of Gemini is that
you don't need a ton of libraries to do it right, and I'd like to keep

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