[server question] What can be done with server side scripting?

Frank Jüdes Frank.Juedes at linux4specialists.com
Sun Jun 6 05:38:51 BST 2021

I assume you mean the Gemini equivalent of CGI scripts?

Well you can do almost the same things that you can do with CGI in the 
WWW! - Just a little less fancier and more focused on content than 
visual effects. Some examples from my server:

  * Linux man-pages and Perl documentation:
  * Ascii-"Art" with the figlet and the boxes program and other tools:
  * You can capture the output of any command line tool and print it as
    a gmi document, see  my lab-page:

I hope that helps.

Best regards from Charleston (WV),

On 2021-06-04 22:39, Andrew Singleton wrote:
> I suppose I should come up with a use case I want and then ask if they 
> can be done we I really don't feel in my depth on technical aspects.
> I just know serve scripts are possible, but I don't know what is 
> realistically doable and it of that what actually works within the 
> protocol's strengths.
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