[Off Topic]Discussing how to have communities without going back to something http/s based

A. G. Madi viper7129 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 16:57:56 BST 2021

There's a nice little community over at Station.

On Mon, Jun 7, 2021 at 10:55 Andrew Singleton <singletona082 at gmail.com>

> I have sent the past week sorting through old material both from my
> aborted attempt to gopher as well as a selection of old blogspot posts I
> had made, as well as other general 'ehstbdo I want to migrate over'
> material.
> Through that whole time I peek in at Twitter, diffrent discourse forums,
> older pho based forums (most notesbly brass goggles.) And on and on..
> Which has left me pondering how 'we' would handle communities, or even if
> 'we' should.
> There is as far as I am aware, without going to http/s:
> * Mailing lists. Which are nice enough, but it just feels cluttered. Maybe
> it's just me, but I get all these mail notifications and 'im genuinely
> disinterested in most of these why am I here.' which is an inverse of how I
> am with forums. Just sorta mentally sort out what ai don't care about and
> focus on what I want. Maybe it's something on my end. Or is 'me' specific,
> but if the Gemini discussions primarily happened on a non mailing list
> format with an included mailing list? I wouldn't bother with the list
> format.
> * BBS; see I like BBS:s, but they suffer similar problems to gopher in
> that technically thee is still development, but it all has this problem of
> feeling archaic. Maybe a client can fix that, but it is a very, in my
> enthusiast it non technical opinion, kindof intimidating to try starting.
> I like how BBS's work, but there appears to be a not High but not low
> barrier to starting up and keeping the ball rolling.
> I don't even know if this post will get any traction or if I am
> overthinking things, but it would be nice tohave a way to have low
> bandwidth communities. However I don't want that feature set as part of
> Gemini. Just... Something Gemini like that focuses on this need....
> Assuming it doesn't already exist.
> I have no idea what I am doing.
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