[USERS] Gnuser.land in orbit - Second launch

The Gnuserland gnuserland at mailbox.org
Wed Jun 9 20:07:30 BST 2021

Hi Terry,

I checked the page with Amfora & Bombadillo, and the Ascii Art looks 
fine, however for some reason Micro was saving the files in unix rather 
in dos.

I don't know how to inspect the file, the only insight I have is that I 
started to work it with Notepad++ on Windows and then on Mousepad on 
Debian, Nano and eventually Micro.

I tried to download the binary to check the page with Bollux but the 
link is broken.



On 6/9/21 12:30 PM, Terry Brennan wrote:
> Hi! Just checked it out, and I will be spending some time there. Thanks.
> I noticed that some of the lines were not rendered correctly by my 
> gemini client, Bollux. Specifically, the ASCII art at the top of the 
> home page was a little messed up, as were some lines in your entries. 
> Common were the combinations <80><93> in the ASCII art, and <94><80> 
> and <80><94> in text. Any idea what this might be? (I suspect that 
> bollux, which is written in BASH, may not handle UTF8 correctly.)
> Terry Brennan
> On 06/09/2021 09:05 AM, The Gnuserland wrote:
>> *** Apparently I sent this email in HTML rather than in plain text ***
>> Hi Geminauts,
>> I officially launched yesterday 6/8 at 1:15 pm EST my official, brand 
>> new, Gemini Capsule!!!
>> Please come to visit me at gemini://gnuser.land
>> Even though I am more a Linux guy my Capsule runs over a FreeBSD and 
>> uses GMID by yumh (link on my capsule) to serve my GMI files!
>> I am very proud to be part of this community as well as this amazing 
>> project, I am really excited because this is just the beginning!
>> A special thanks to the Gemini Italian Community 
>> (freenode#gemini-italia now libera.chat#gemini-it) that has been 
>> helping me a lot, they are all awesome and extremely talented (check 
>> my capsule out)!
>> See you around on the good side of Internet!
>> Gnuserland

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