MoonGem 1.4 + Docker Image

panda-roux contact at
Sun Jun 13 00:28:06 BST 2021

Hello Gemini users!

I just wanted to send out a brief update on my MoonGem server.  Links
can be found at the end of this message.

MoonGem is a Gemini protocol server written in C that supports
generating dynamic content via inline Lua scripting.

Most features of the Gemini protocol are now accessible through the Lua
API, including input-handling, redirects, and client certificates.

I learned how to use Docker this week, so I've also added a Dockerfile
and pushed an image to the hub.  To try it out: docker pull pandarouxdev/moongem

The SourceHut repository has scripts for building the image locally and
running it with the correct volumes.

I welcome any questions or feedback.

Take care, and thank you for reading!



Docker Hub repository:
Project page on SourceHut:
Homepage on my personal capsule (docs are slightly outdated): gemini://
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