In Body URI references

Jonathan McHugh indieterminacy at
Sun Jun 13 14:17:35 BST 2021

Im just wondering regarding in body URI references within content

Does anybody have advanced policies to demarcate the citation and have the URL

Is there a style like for url shortening? Which still respects
Gemini design principles?

For example:
This is url foobar,
This is url foobar [QQQ63rteet63655346]


# References [QQQ63rteet63655346] 

Or, for terseness:
This is url foobar [QQQ1]


# References [QQQ1] [QQQ63rteet63655346] 

Is there something that integrates well with Tex style .bib reference

Would it be interesting for there to be a (de)centralised site, which
* A dictionary of url links
* Appropriate hashes that can be used for publishing or client

Kind regards,

Jonathan McHugh
indieterminacy at

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