In Body URI references

remyabel at remyabel at
Sun Jun 13 17:44:16 BST 2021

I don't think there is a convention. Personally, I do the bracket
approach like so:

	This is some text.[1]

	=> 1: This is a link.

If it's a footnote I just use f and render them all at the bottom of the

	This is a footnote.[f1]

	## Footnotes

	=> 1: This is a footnote.

Bombadillo already prepends an index before each link to allow you to
jump to it easily, so the number may seem redundant, but the number
allows you to easily group links per paragraph. Example:


	=> 1: This is a link.

	One[1] two[2] three[3].

	=> 1: This is a link.
	=> 2: This is a link.
	=> 3: This is a link.

Converting a wiki page to gemtext isn't too difficult, it's a matter of
finding an appropriate library and emitting the appropriate gemtext for
each HTML tag. For an example see: (note: not production

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