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On Sun, Jun 13, 2021 at 06:09:43PM +0200, ew.gemini wrote:
>There was someone suggesting the use of [characters] rather than 
>[numbers] for some reason I forgot. But it made sense at the time.
>I do this manually.

I do something similar, but with Unicode superscripts. An example with 
lots of footnotes:

=> gemini://


>A good value for T would be the average temperature of the entire observable universe. The universe is mostly empty; T is around the temperature of cosmic background radiation in space. The lowest reasonable estimate for this temperature is 2.7 degrees Kelvin.² A lower temperature means less energy usage, less energy usage allows more computations, and more computations raises the upper limit on password strength.


>## Citations and Footnotes

>¹ James Massey (1994). "Guessing and entropy" (PDF). Proceedings of 1994 IEEE. International Symposium on Information Theory. IEEE. p. 204.

>² Assis, A. K. T.; Neves, M. C. D. (3 July 1995). "History of the 2.7 K. Temperature Prior to Penzias and Wilson"

I borrowed this convention from a couple other capsules already using 

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