a space case for transparent gemtext compression

Christian Seibold krixano at mailbox.org
Sat Jun 19 11:12:49 BST 2021

You are making a bunch of assumptions about what I do or don't want based on no evidence and reading into some of the responses that I have given.

I never said clients *must* implement compression. I said it's up to the client developers if they want to or not, and that users are allowed to make suggestions. If a user doesn't have the features they want, they can easily move to a client that does have the features they want.

I respect solderpunk's decision to not include it into the protocol, but adding compression to clients in no way "breaks" geminispace, and it doesn't disobey the spec either. So your arguments there are completely invalid.

Let me repeat this... adding compression to clients in the way that has been described in this thread does NOT break geminispace. Gemini deliberately allows you to send whatever you want over. It's a file-transfer protocol. Using the mimetype is *exactly* what I proposed. Period. End of discussion.

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