Gemini Digest, Vol 23, Issue 40

Jonathan McHugh indieterminacy at
Thu Jun 24 09:31:03 BST 2021

Is there a (dictionary) repo covering sites which operate for both Gemini
and HTML?

If so, it would be great for browsers to then be whipped into visiting/providing
the Gemini one each time a URI is considered. 

PJ vM <pjvm742 at> writes:

> On 23/06/2021 22:28, Luke Emmet wrote:
>> On 23-Jun-2021 12:38, charliebrownau wrote:
>>> Can Duckling Proxy work with OpenNIC to avoid using mainstream web
>> My understanding is that OpenNIC is just an alternative DNS provider,
>> so it should be transparent to applications once configured.
> Exactly. You can set it up so that your system's default DNS provider is
> OpenNIC, and then everything should use it automatically. The program
> dnscrypt-proxy might be of help with this.
> I don't know if there are any Gemini capsules on one of the OpenNIC
> TLDs...? It would be cool if there are.

Jonathan McHugh
indieterminacy at

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