[USER][IDEA] Gemini Database of Places and Restaurants - PART 2

The Gnuserland gnuserland at mailbox.org
Sun Jun 27 05:46:15 BST 2021

Hi Geminauts,

to demonstrate that I wasn't drank when I wrote the previous email, I 
prepared a more detailed explanation, you can read it in this page:


Thanks! ;)

On 6/25/21 2:43 PM, The Gnuserland wrote:
> Hi Geminauts,
> I'd like to use Gemini as much as I can for my daily use, I wonder if 
> all of us can work together to share comments and reviews of Places 
> and Restaurants we love to go (or we don't love...) in order to make 
> these information available through a simple search in Gemini, we 
> might start creating in our capsule a page called something like the 
> one below, which doesn't need to be necessarily shown on your root:
> country-city-places-and-restaurants.gmi
> or shorter
> country-city-places.gmi
> and the content might be something like:
> # Italy, Rome (or # Italia, Roma)
> ## Restaurant's name
> Type: Restaurant
> Kitchen: Regional
> Where: Via del Merluzzo, 121
> Rating: ****/5
> Descriptions: Nice Family owned restaurant full of local people (all 
> this section is a fake)
> I understood this may risk to leak personal info that perhaps someone 
> would prefer to keep private, hence this would be totally volunteer...
> I think the whole idea must be refined to be more "machine readable", 
> but if we begin to create these pages maybe someone else can come out 
> with a way to create a specialized capsule that can collect all these 
> information and you can subscribe to this capsule with your own 
> certificate and start adding your favorite places and reviews of.
> What do you think?
> My best,
> Gnuserland

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