[users] [ANN] telescope -- yet another browser

Omar Polo op at omarpolo.com
Thu Jul 1 17:51:33 BST 2021

Hello everyone,

During the last 3/4 months I've been working on a yet another Gemini
ncurses client: telescope

=> gemini://telescope.omarpolo.com
=> https://telescope.omarpolo.com

It's obviously a project only for fun, in a very-WIP stage and with lots
of missing pieces, but it's improving and I've reached the point where I
think I can present it to a wider audience.

The main difference between telescope and others (I've only tried tinmop
and amfora as TUI clients) is the Emacs (and w3m) inspired interface:
instead of scrolling a page and typing a number to open a link, you have
a cursor you can move freely around the page.

The default keybindings are heavily inspired from Emacs, but I tried at
least to include some keys familiar to vi(1) users, so hjkl, gg, G, gT
etc. work.  All the keybindings are customizable anyway.

The current list of features is honestly quite short:
* color and keybindings are customizable
* history
* rudimentary bookmark management
* tabs (on startup reloads the last set of tabs)
* streaming pages
* rich set of commands to move around the page
* splitted in three different process, each one is pledged (this only
  on OpenBSD ofc; will add seccomp/landlock in the future, probably)

while the TODO list is ever-growing!

I know there are various annoyances still (I just fixed the resize
"jump" in the main branch for instance), but as I was saying, it has
now reached a point where I think it's starting to become "usable".  I'd
love to receive feedbacks (and even more patches! :P)

Telescope 0.3 is available on guix, thanks to cage who did the work.
Precompiled binaries for linux amd64 and aarch64 are available from the
site, but it's very easy to compile from source since it only depends on
libevent, libncursesw, libtls and yacc/bison.  It's known to compile and
run on FreeBSD too.


Omar Polo

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