Gateway to DNS

Stephane Bortzmeyer stephane at
Tue Jul 6 17:13:59 BST 2021

Highly experimental, here is a Gemini-to-DNS gateway. Just add a
domain name to gemini:// and you'll get
the answer as a nice gemtext. Most of the time, the answers are links
that you can follow (name-to-address, address-to-name, etc). You can
also add the type (MX, NS, LOC, etc) after the domain name and a

Examples of interesting requests:

=> gemini:// IP addresses of the reference site

=> gemini:// Name servers of the chilean top-level domain

=> gemini:// Email servers of ProtonMail

=> gemini:// Microsoft loves TXT records

=> gemini://è Of course, it works with IDNs (domain names in Unicode)

=> gemini:// Location of cities in France from their zip code (here 34000)

=> gemini:// The same, as an OpenStreetMap URI

At this time, I'm not sure it will be maintained. Advices welcome.

Sorry for the non-standard port, but I did not find yet a way to make
SCGI work on gemserv so I had to install a stargrazer next to the main
server (and stargrazer does not allow me to use my Let's Encrypt
certificate, hence the self-signed certificate).

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