Possible Events in Belgium for Presenting Gemini

Jonathan McHugh indieterminacy at libre.brussels
Wed Jul 7 09:10:55 BST 2021

Hello all,

Some possible Belgian locations for Gemini presentations are below:

On the 18th September Hackerspace Brussels will be hosting Software Freedom Day
=> https://hsbxl.be/events [Specific stub to be added]
=> https://www.softwarefreedomday.org/

Feel free to message hsbxl at lists.hsbxl.be (the open mailing list), with the subject title 'Software Freedom Day' should you want to propose a talk. Otherwise contact me privately.

If there is enough momentum by the Gemini community I could compere an event nearby that, exclusively for us - say a day  before or after.

# Hackerspace.Ghent
The Newline hacker conference (now in its 10th year) is taking place on 3rd, 4th and 5th September

The program and participatory information is below:
=> https://hackerspace.gent/landing/newline.php

# Other suggestions

Kind regards,

Jonathan McHugh

indieterminacy at libre.brussels

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