how to submit multi-line long form text to gemini?

David Messer davx8342 at
Fri Jul 9 13:05:25 BST 2021

Hey folks,

I've literally been in a whirlwind of joy for a couple of days now after
stumbling on a Gemini link on the Monome Norns forum. I love the
minimalism, I love the simplicity, and it started me thinking about what I
could do with Gemini.

I've been looking at ideas for community projects but the thing about that
is I need a means for non-technical users to be able to contribute.

Am I correct in saying that as it stands there is no built-in way for users
to submit content via a multi-line free text field and that it completely
relies on secondary means to get content onto the system running the Gemini

I've seen some suggestions on the mailing list that include using a http
frontend to submit content, emailing in content, etc. All of which are
valid use cases. To me, that's just adding complexity which is what I'm
trying to get away from with Gemini.

I had a very brief look at titan and inimeg but I don't think either of
those is capable of allowing users to type longform text into a multi-line
free text box.

Has anyone else tried this or found a good way of achieving this?

The thought occurred to me that using INPUT I could implement an edlin
style text editor but I thought I'd sound this out before committing to
that level of self-harm!

Will finish off by just complimenting you on the quality of the discussion
here. I've been reading through quite a bit of the mailing list archive and
it's striking how super nice everyone is. What an amazing community you


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