how to submit multi-line long form text to gemini?

Johann Galle johann+gemini at
Fri Jul 9 13:40:12 BST 2021

On 09.07.2021 14:05, David Messer wrote:
> Am I correct in saying that as it stands there is no built-in way
> for users to submit content via a multi-line free text field and
> that it completely relies on secondary means to get content onto
> the system running the Gemini server?

You can submit such kind of data via INPUT. Section 3.2.1 makes it
clear IMHO that you can submit line breaks and such
("reserved characters") if they are percent encoded. Lagrange
supports using shift+return for line breaks in the input field, and
I assume the line breaks are then duly percent encoded, although I
have not checked.

Of course that still leaves out how to edit stuff, and also the
maximum length of the whole URL. So in theory it is possible, but
not really practical.

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