how to submit multi-line long form text to gemini?

David Messer davx8342 at
Sat Jul 10 21:09:57 BST 2021

On Fri, 9 Jul 2021 at 16:27, Alex // nytpu <alex at> wrote:

> While the input codes (1x) do allow for inputting newlines, they are
> limited to <1024 characters, so not too practical for freeform text.

That's what I was afraid of with input codes.

I was thinking with my heart and getting carried away with the ideas for
things I could build and trying to find any way I could to make it work.

I've always agreed that setting up an HTTP server just for input defeats
> the purpose of Gemini.

As I say, my use case is community building, and for the ideas I was
thinking of, I just can't do that right now with Gemini. And that's ok.

They are actually capable of anything.  Titan works almost exactly like
> how HTTP input forms work, those are just wrapped up nicely in a GUI.
> If you wrote a decent client for Titan then it would be
> indistinguishable from an HTTP free text form.  It could work like the
> in-browser Wikipedia editor and edit an existing page (which is what
> it's currently used for), but it also allows you to just submit
> arbitrary text and your server can make use of a Titan upload however it
> wants (add the text to the end of a page as a comment, etc.).  It's just
> a matter of there not being much good support or software for it right
> now.

That's pretty interesting though like you say, it's down to client support,
and if that's a bit hit and miss right now I should probably take a wait
and see approach.

Thanks for your reply, Alex, was very helpful.

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