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Apparently a lot of people think, but how can I make it do X or
> Y too? And in my not so humble opinion, there are protocols
> better suited for some or these things. Take "uploading" text.
> There is sftp or scp at least. It requires an account on the
> receiving side. Yes, well, imho that's a feature and not a
> shortcoming. ymmv.

I don't think that's a bad thing, speaking for myself here I could
immediately see the benefits of Gemini and I wanted to build things using
it. Were they a good fit for Gemini? Maybe not, but at its heart text is
the simplest of file types. Other protocols like NNTP and SMTP have long
had ways of dealing with that. It's not unreasonable that people might
expect Gemini to have a way of dealing with multi-line user-submitted text

I live ~5 miles from one of the poorest areas in the UK. The only devices
people are likely to have access to are tablets or cell phones. SFTP is not
so much fun on those types of devices or with users from demographics who
maybe aren't old enough to remember having to FTP their content to a web
server somewhere.

If all people want for Gemini is to use other protocols to upload content,
that's absolutely fine. I'm not here to bash Gemini. Quite the opposite.
People want to add layers on top of Gemini which maybe aren't such a good
idea precisely because Gemini has highly desirable features.

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