[request][retro] Gemini clients for windows 95, DOS, etc

stern stern at tilde.club
Tue Jul 13 00:58:54 BST 2021

On 7/12/2021 4:56 PM, Andrew Singleton wrote:
> This is a sort of continuation of a prior thread I had made about the 
> least powerful hardware that could use Gemini.
> I honestly feel bad about this as I have neither real hardware of the 
> era, nor do I have coding experience. However in theory Gemini would be 
> great for retro enthusiasts as it would give them something 
> compsritovely resource light while also being actively worked on.
> Projects like The Old Web exist, and frankly make me smile as it gives 
> old hardware a way to Web, or at least explore the web that was, 
> somewhat natively. However I feel trying to force Big Web on such old 
> machines is 'solving' the square peg round hole problem with a 
> sledgehammer.
> Problem is while gopher roots would hint at the audiance here has a 
> higher than average number of retro enthusiasts there is no gurentee at 
> anyone caring to see what, say, Lagrange can be ported to.
> I also have another thought for devices that can't natively do tls 
> involving both a client, and a pi zero, or Arduino, or even something 
> built into that wifi to serial port device (forget the name but that is 
> just so danged handy to have if you retro.) To handle the security bits 
> so that those older devices can join in on the fun.
> Let the web demand more and more resources. Give old platforms as well 
> as new access to Gemini.
> I just... Don't know if anyone here is actually interested in Doing The 
> Thing. I just think it'd be neat and would get coverage by people like 
> Micheal mjd, lgr, etc alongside.

Yeah, this is quite the good idea.
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