[Question][discussion] is a Gemini based piratebox possible or even wanted?

Andrew Singleton singletona082 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 00:53:18 BST 2021


Pretty much a stand alone device that users connect to wirelessly and through their browser can access a way to upload/download files other users submit to the device along with potentially other features such as a wiki, imageboard type forum, etc.

I'm well aware that you wouldn't get a one to one, and the answer may boil down to 'yea but.... Why?' however this is both me asking 'why not' and I am also the guy back when piratebox was being discussed around the time of Arab spring pushing for the idea of adding meshing. 

This is a bit of a wandering train of thought, apologies, because I just like the idea of users having a gumstick sized device (pi zero or other such hardware) for personal content hosting either online, or as something they can carry at a convention or other meet and anyone interested can access.

Plus I occasionally try writing fiction and offbeat things like this are fun bits of minutia to add in to show a world isn't the same as ours while giving familiarity.
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