Simple PHP proxy?

panda-roux contact at
Sun Jul 18 01:25:55 BST 2021

Hey Gemini folks,

Does anyone know of a simple PHP-based web proxy that I can configure to
serve an external Gemini address over HTTP?

I made the mistake of paying for a couple of years' worth of service on
a web hosting platform that only offers an Apache/CPanel stack, and now
I want to consolidate my personal web page and my gemini-based site
into a single gemtext codebase.  I would like to think I'm not the only
one who has wound up in this situation.

Ideally I'd like something I can upload onto the server's web directory
and just give it a Gemini URL to serve as a proxy for.

I tried building something myself, but as far as I can tell PHP's
socket_stream_client doesn't let you indicate that a scheme it doesn't
recognize should just be processed as a normal TLS request.  I figured
I'd ask here before expending further brain cells trying to work around
this, so as to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Thank you!

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