[users] OH.MG

Kévin gemini at ml.oh.mg
Wed Sep 1 10:47:10 BST 2021


Not really sure what to tag this with so I went with Users.

I just wanted to pop a note out (especially for the folk with gemini site crawlers) to let everybody know that for the moment OH.MG's non HTTP/S services are down and might be for quite a while.

I've moved house and it's a total shitshow, my ISP cut my old place off a week early, then they're taking their time to get their lives in order to install in the new place. So none of my home-based machines have any connectivity.

It'll be back up as soon as they can get me back on the grid, and since this is France it'll be whenever they feel like getting around to it (but still happily charging me full price in the interim).


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