mime types on gmnisrv

Jason Evans jsevans at mailfence.com
Wed Sep 1 14:16:25 BST 2021

Hi all,

I've started working with gmnisrv as my gemini servers instead of molly-browser because I really like the feature set that it has that molly-brown doesn't. Specifically the ability to define other domains for gemini capsules and the auto certificate creator makes everything easier. However, I don't see any option to change the mime types in gmnisrv.ini.  So, to be specific, on my gemini capsule, I have a mirror of textfiles.com and with molly-brown, I just define everything that is not .gmi to be a plain text file. This works great for me because a lot of these text files have weird file extensions like .art of .lol which are all really just plain text with a different name. I just don't see to do that with gmnisrv. If that's not possible, I get it it and I would be open to other suggestions for gemini servers.

Best Regards,
Jason Evans

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