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Jonathan McHugh indieterminacy at
Wed Sep 1 17:25:02 BST 2021

Hello all,

I have been deliberating regarding which git forge tool most compliments Gemini's protocol.

Naturally, web frontends such as Cgit are a product of legacy thinking - to serve git in a HTTP environment.

I do agree with Anna "CyberTailor", that Cgit outputting Gemini would be 'poggers'

Alas, I equally am not so well positioned to adapt the HTTP coding in C

However, I have been looking into Gitolite further:
=> Homepage
=> Guix OS' service configuration settings

# Gemini Advantages with regards to Gitolite
* One could eschew READMEs and delve straight into writing GemText in repos
* Post pushing of repos could initiate Gemini parsing or syslinking functionality
* Output can be pushed into server content (according to parameters and ACL)
* Gemini content can provide the interface to users repos and how to make the most of clustered and decentralised forges.

# Classical Advantages
* Lean approach to managing repos via SSH(d) and more (CGit)
* Long pedigree
* Used at scale by Operating Systems 
* Extensible
* Perl?

# Points of Concern
* A site with heavy commits could test the appropriateness of 'slow internet' Gemini
* This could obviously be mitigated with more granular servers, as well as federating (eventual

# Points of Inquiry
* Has anybody had success providing Gemini centric repos? - while I see lots of self hosters within the Gemini comm
unity, Im not sure Ive seen people go without HTTP services
* Do people have a positive impression of Gitolite?
* Or are there better approaches to Git forges with respect to Gemini?

Its also worth referencing Alan's recent comments regarding his hopes of Archlinux stype Wikis for serving Gemini interests 
=> Re: More Awesome Gemini

As well as Solderpunk's thoughts regarding the growth of the community at the start of 2021
=> [announce] Gemini in 2021

Any thoughts?

Jonathan McHugh
indieterminacy at

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