[users] Late announcement of Wobbly

Björn Wärmedal bjorn.warmedal at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 09:30:26 BST 2021

Hey all,

I was looking through the archives and realised that I've never
announced my web-based gemini browser on the list:

When I created it I didn't really have a clear purpose; I just wanted
to play around with CSS, JS and old-fashioned CGI scripts. It has,
however, proved very, very useful when I want to share the occasional
gemlog post with people who aren't familiar with gemini but may be
interested in said post. I find that it's a convenient and friendly
way to introduce people to geminispace.

This is NOT a proxy. It requires JS, which effectively stops crawlers
from accessing gemini content through it. It's a tool made for human
users and nothing else.

The full announcement:

"I Heard You Like Browsers...

... So I put a browser inside a browser, so you can browse while you browse.

Wobbly is a gemini browser inside your web browser. It's a small thing
that's not meant to be full-featured in any way. If you're curious
about what the gemini side of the internet looks like you can use it
to have a glance.

It only supports text responses (gemtext included and beautifully
rendered, of course). If you need to use things like query strings and
client certificates, or to get any type of non-text content, this
browser is not for you.

If you just want to enjoy some gemlogs on the go without installing
yet another app, on the other hand... Welcome to Wobbly! 😄️"



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