[spec] comments on the proposed gemini spec revisions

indieterminacy at libre.brussels indieterminacy at libre.brussels
Mon Oct 11 10:51:37 BST 2021

Hello Alex,

I find using GitLab horrificly expedient, it would be nice to not be
dependent on it.

I am currently working on creating a GemText based issue tracker,
leveraging git repos and a simplified directory structure.

Hopefully, one day we can federate issue repos, using tools like
grokmirror and gitolite. And not be dependent on one gitforge in

Things I intend to work on include proxies for http issue pages and
kanban boards.

Im a big fan of elinks (though I stopped when it languished and need to
package the recent fork, felinks, which is developing Gemini
compatability). Should it get packaged on Guix (which Id like to get
around to) I will try that for a parsing environment. Perhaps people can
federate GemText equivalents as part of an eLinks (et al) hook.

Jonathan McHugh
indieterminacy at libre.brussels

Alex // nytpu <alex at nytpu.com> writes:

> [[PGP Signed Part:Undecided]]
> Hi all,
> Since I don't have (and am unable to create) a gitlab account, I wrote a
> Gemlog post detailing my responses to a bunch of the issues on the
> gitlab repos for Sean Conner's spec revisions.
> Posting here to increase the likelyhood that other relevant people will
> be able to see it.
> => //nytpu.com/gemlog/2021-10-10.gmi  Available over Gemini and HTTP
> ~nytpu

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