[ANN] Specification update (v 0.16.0)

Solderpunk solderpunk at posteo.net
Sun Nov 14 18:11:46 GMT 2021

Hi folks,

I have just pushed another set of small updates to the specification.

In addition to assorted spelling and grammar fixes, and clarifying that 
keywords MUST, SHOULD etc. should be interpreted against BCP14, there 
are two substantive changes.

The first is that the specification is now explicit about what to do in 
the event that a request including a query component receives a 3x 
redirect status code in response: the redirect URL should be used as is, 
and the client should not apply the original request's query to the 
redirect URL.  If you are the author of a client which *does* modify 
redirect URLs in this way, you need to change this behaviour in order to 
be spec compliant.

The second is that the specification now explicitly forbids the use of 
Unicode byte order marks (BOMs) in either Gemini requests or Gemini 
response headers.  If your client or server includes a BOM in these 
places, you should stop doing that.  There will be a future update 
dealing with the use of BOMs in Gemini response bodies as well, but the 
changes I just pushed affect only response headers.

Chances are very good nobody actually needs to make any changes to code 
as a result of these updates.


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