[Logarion] Logarion

SP sp at orbitalfox.eu
Sun Feb 25 14:21:49 UTC 2018

I'm making Logarion as a system to facilitate the writing and exchange of text
files.  To enable people without access to servers to distribute their writings
publicly or amongst their groups.

I think of these text files as a hybrid between a web-log and a wiki-page. The
texts should live well after a server, host or archive goes down, by copying of
valuable published texts between archives, in a federated way.

Texts are simple text files, with some meta information as the header and
lightly formatted body. By using the header the author can specify how the text
will behave in an archive, e.g. how it will be identified, credited to, if and
who it should be shared with etc.

		* 	* 	*

This mailing list will be used to track and facilitate the development, as well
as offer a hub for Logarion users to learn and exchange experiences. As
discussion here produces new information it will be curated and posted on the

For more information visit: https://logarion.orbitalfox.eu

May the force be with us.


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