[Logarion] Inconsistent author field generation & parsing

SP sp at orbitalfox.eu
Sun Feb 25 16:01:27 UTC 2018

There is a serious issue with the `2018-02-19-bbeb56e` package,
currently on the website, because it can generate a `author-name` and
`author-email` fields, and those were a temporary work around.

This has been fixed (not pushed yet), but it requires manual changes to
existing which contain those. Easy to find by searching for:

    grep -R author-name
    grep -R author-email

This has been fixed and the next package won't suffer from this.
Whilst the generation is easy to fix, the parsing will take some effort
and I need opinions about some ideas. Will follow through in a different

So an authors field currently is supposed to look like:

    authors: John <user at example.com>, Bart <bart at example.com>

But I'm thinking that an email address it not the only useful address 
going forward. It would be really usefull for example to have an address
for the persons online archive address, so here is an example:

    authors: John <mailto:john at example.com> <https://example.com>, ...

Is that overly complicated? Do you think that is useful? Any better


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