[Logarion] [issue] Auto-naming files

SP sp at orbitalfox.eu
Sun Feb 25 16:18:19 UTC 2018

Currently, all files created with `logarion_cli create "..."` will have
a number added before the extension, e.g. `test.0.md`. This was to make
possible multiple texts with the same title (i.e. all texts have title
"Test" but filenames are test.0.md, test.1.md, and so on).

I think this can look a bit ugly, especially when in most cases I expect
people will avoid similar titles, at least within their own archive.

An alternative is that the most recent file holds the special place of
the unnumbered file, but all entries have a numbered version too:

    test.md   <-- Most recent (third) entry of test
    test.0.md <-- The first entry of test
    test.1.md <-- The second entry of test

Note that this affects how files are addressed when accessing via the

    //website/test.md   <- will change what it points to
    //website/test.0.md <- should always be the same for the archive

Any thoughts?


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