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F. Palavecino fede at disroot.org
Sun Feb 25 15:35:55 UTC 2018

I think it's a good solution. If we save files in different folders the name and numbers will automatically  change?

El 25 de febrero de 2018 14:18:19 GMT-02:00, SP <sp at orbitalfox.eu> escribió:
>Currently, all files created with `logarion_cli create "..."` will have
>a number added before the extension, e.g. `test.0.md`. This was to make
>possible multiple texts with the same title (i.e. all texts have title
>"Test" but filenames are test.0.md, test.1.md, and so on).
>I think this can look a bit ugly, especially when in most cases I
>people will avoid similar titles, at least within their own archive.
>An alternative is that the most recent file holds the special place of
>the unnumbered file, but all entries have a numbered version too:
>    test.md   <-- Most recent (third) entry of test
>    test.0.md <-- The first entry of test
>    test.1.md <-- The second entry of test
>Note that this affects how files are addressed when accessing via the
>    //website/test.md   <- will change what it points to
>    //website/test.0.md <- should always be the same for the archive
>Any thoughts?
>	SP
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