[Logarion] [issue] Auto-naming files

SP sp at orbitalfox.eu
Wed Feb 28 00:39:18 UTC 2018

On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 06:19:34PM +0000, krokr wrote:
>Could you give an example.

The important point about the below is that a counter is a compact way
to avoid name collisions in the same archive, but it's not contained
inside a text file, is otherwise insignificant and so it the filename.

    *    *    *

The auto-naming for archive files (leaves) would be:


with an option in the future to use part of the unique id as a
differentiator instead of the counter. The file is created in the
directory the command is called in.  The purpose of this file name is
solely for the owner of the archive to have an intuitive way to access
the repository using their file-manager. Logarion doesn't use the
filename in any special way. It uses the meta-fields. The owner can
even name the files whatever they like instead of using autonaming.

The auto-naming for static website files is more critical because of
different expectations of how a website should be organised and also
more restricted (e.g. URLs should not break between generations
because they may have been submitted in other websites).

    /title.html <-- prettier, the most recent with title (maybe the only one)
    /title.unique_id.html <-- used when more than one exist

This will allow for simple URLs: https://example.com/about-us.html But
if the archiver has more than one of the same title, then ID numbers
will have to be used automatically included.

Regarding Fede's request that structure is maintained, I think that
might be a complication for some, but desirable for others so it
should be an option, e.g:

    ./logarion_cli convert --map-dirs "html"

Which will produce a static website with the same subdirectories:


PS: I'm still considering all this, but I think it's starting to clear
out.  Will try to keep it simple and get to the point of archive
federation, when things will become clearer.


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