[Logarion] On keeping human managed text files human readable

refpga at disroot.org refpga at disroot.org
Wed Feb 28 19:40:23 UTC 2018

Currently, the metadata generated by the command `logarion_cli create` in the draft generated, contains a label 'uuid',
appended by a machine generated, seemingly random code . I think the machine generated data, should be kept away from the 
user centric parts, which adds to verbosity, and stands out as gibberish. The date and time format too, 
I think, is too verbose for a human to write, and read instantly. At best, it's unnatural to write by hand, and 
has no place within text files managed by users.
Only generic labels should be used. File specific data, should be kept in dedicated metadata text files. 
eg. filename g1BbEr1sHu5eR1d

Here's a suggested format for user managed files (users should have least responsibility.


Maybe in the future, replace Author by username, if a federated network of archives, is what this turns out to be.
That's more natural.
Maybe generate uuid for new and renamed files while convert process.


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