[Logarion] Converging header fields with email and HTTP

nix msi+orbitalfox at disroot.org
Thu Mar 15 09:53:37 UTC 2018

> Coming to the point of sticking to, and documenting, the header fields. I think it would be greatly
> beneficial to converge with Email and HTTP headers. This would make mapping of Logarion archives to
> those protocols simple, enabling the possibilities that arise from that.

Sounds like a nice idea, especially if someone stores their emails locally. Potentially could expand in a personal digital library with 
emails, blogs, etc.. 
> Would the header fields look nicer with capitalised initials?
> Title: ...
> Authors: ...

Yes, helps with readability for generic users.
> On a more extreme level, should header field names be renamed to match the closest email or HTTP
> ones?
> title -> Subject
> authors-> From (Not great)
> uuid -> Message-ID (I don't like this one at all)

Depends on what you want to achieve with logarion. Would you want it to interchangable? 


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