[Logarion] New version and header field documentation

SP sp at orbitalfox.eu
Thu Mar 15 22:27:52 UTC 2018

A new test version for Linux x86_64 is available at:

It has fixes (see below) and new headers field names documented here:

Field names are now capitalised and `uuid` has been renamed to `ID`.

### Fixes

- Fix date ordering and associate Date with creation date
- Exclude unpublished elements from list of metas in static generation
- Fix syntax for Atom generator
- Capitalise header field name initial
- Improve static generation
- Reimplement authors as a set and use Emile to parse from file
- Use Meta.alias instead of string_alias
- Lower the case of meta paths
- Revise configuration files
- Upgrade the server and normalise paths with static generator's
- Introduce pipe separator and some CSS fixes
- Revise HTML structure and relevant CSS
- Revise index.html into a proper, grouped by topic, index
- Revise opam file
- List links to topics in index
- Refactor style as named parameter and use linker to produce path
- Generate relative link to feed.atom using linker function


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