[Logarion] Federation subscription model

SP sp at orbitalfox.eu
Sun Nov 11 09:30:00 GMT 2018

I've implemented a cloning mechanism from one Logarion archive to another, aka Federation. It's simply using the Gopher protocol to fetch an index and then fetches all the files mentioned in that index.

At this point it would be helpful to hear some feedback on two points:

1. How should remote clones be stored locally? My current approach is:
   Consider that this needs to account for any additional information that my arise in the future, for example media files.

2. How should the subscription selectors work?
   The prototype mechanism expects a `url` and a `path`, which is how Gopher works. The path is the selector. For example `topic/logarion` will recursively fetch all articles with topic "logarion". But what about combinations of sets to save back and forth? For example `keywords/nature+programming+news`?
   What about breaking the mold and instead of paths we use S-expressions for the selectors?

Open to any ideas.

PS: For this to work, texts will have to stop assuming they are hosted on their original server and links will have to become globar, i.e. instead of <mywebsite.example/some-text> the links should be something like <logarion:uuid>. Something to keep in mind.

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